Monday, April 4, 2011

A divergence from food... or not

On March 29th, President Obama headlined the Democratic National Committee fundraiser at Harlem’s Red Rooster restaurant. His move to host the charity event at this particular locale is significant for a multitude of reasons. Foremost, it is seen as a powerful political symbol to host a fundraiser in one of the United States’s most historically significant black neighborhoods. The move also showcases Obama’s gastronomical extravagance; at $30,800.00 a head, the president and his fellow diners indulged in lobster salad, braised short ribs, chocolate cake and sweet potato doughnuts prepared by the renowned Marcus Samuelsson. While he was partly criticized for his lavishness, the occasion marks the beginning of what is going to be an epic election season.

Having publically released his intent to run yesterday, April 4, via youtube, Obama initiated the beginning of what is predicted to be a $1 billion campaign for the 2012 elections. In 2008, Obama amassed over $750 million in donations, under the slogan “yes we can.” Next year he is expected to exceed $1 billion, despite not having another Democratic primary opponent or a significant Republican contender. In spite of this, the GOP is making it’s strongest efforts to combat Obama’s presidential campaign, releasing a budget proposal the same day Obama listed his intent to run that would, among other things, cut spending for programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. On top of this, Conservatives across the country are fighting to cut back on social services. The most outstanding of these cuts includes a plan to defund Planned Parenthood across the United States. Considering Obama’s bid to run, it is my prediction that the Republican Congress will try as hard as it can to shove its conservative agenda down our throats.

In light of these recent conservative trends, I find it increasingly important to dedicate myself to the liberal cause. While I definitely cannot afford a $30,800 dinner at Red Rooster, I can help in other ways.  In the words of Obama, “It begins with us.”

This first link is to Obama's newly released campaign video.

This second link, entitled "Hope Isn't Hiring" is the GOP's response to Obama's video, in which it blame's many events of the last two years (such as the BP oil spill and unemployment) on the Obama administration.


  1. So happy to see you are connected to this. Love the Red Rooster tie in.

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