Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The College Kitchen!

The College Kitchen is a look into the exciting gastronomical experiences I encounter on an everyday basis as a college student immersed within the thriving metropolis of Washington, DC. Perhaps, first and foremost, I should explain what I intend to achieve in creating The College Kitchen. In developing this blog, I hope that readers, and in particular fellow college students, can learn from my experiences as an amateur chef and foodie and take part in my passion. From the incompetent "macaroni and cheese chef" to the aficionado, I hope to inspire a shared sense of reverence for what I consider to be one of the most incredible facets of the temporal word, food.

While my culinary experiences may not be characteristic of the typical university undergraduate, fellow college students also living on a limited budget will undoubtedly be able to draw upon the food-related encounters in my everyday life and apply them to their own lives. In illuminating my gastronomical experiences, I will divulge not only recipes and techniques but also experiences with the local food culture and restaurant scene. On occasion I may even provide commentary on worldly matters and current events. Hopefully, in understanding more about my experiences with food during my time in college, readers will emulate my love for food, enhancing their own culinary experiences as well!


  1. great start! very proud of you!

  2. You should add some pictures! I invited all my friends!

  3. And now, for the first recipe . . .

    As a new resident to the thriving metropolis that you call home, I'm looking forward to hearing more!